Yoga Sanctuary Brisbane was founded by three souls who are living in the passion of Yoga- Jill, Yumi and Leon. Each had walked the yoga path and started sharing their passion to people in Brisbane over the last decade. Now they gathered together opened the door of “YOGA SANCTUARY” to introduce the greatness of Yoga. Yoga Sanctuary also have other wonderful teachers, Kimbali and Julia who will share their passion and love with you:)



Jill Shaw-Feather has been sharing her love of Yoga for over 10 years here in Brisbane and internationally. She is known for her Compassionate teaching style and calming presence.

Her unique blend of Mindful Movement and the focus on Breath & Intention for practice keep her Classes a safe space to develop and deepen at your own pace. Heart-led Asana • Deep focus on the Breath • Surrendering into the Healing state of Yoga Nidra. All in one class ♥

Jill’s classes are Open to ALL students. Offering different levels of challenge, as she gently guides students to move deeper into this Ancient and incredibly Healing practice.. 

She is deeply Thankful for and to her Teachers [ & Teacher’s Teachers Teachers ☺] whom she continues to Study with…

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



The early years of Yumi’s life was full of travelling and exploring the world. Yumi’s passion in learning different culture and how people “live” in different parts of the world led her to study Anthropology in the University in Canada. When she was travelling the world, she discovered and entered the world of yoga. She has practiced yoga in many different countries and when she went back to Japan, her home country, she discovered Ashtanga yoga. At her very first class of Ashtanga yoga, she felt something had ‘clicked’ and ‘shaken’ internally- something special and deep. Her Ashtanga journey had continued after she moved to Australia in 2004.

In 2009, Yumi visited Mysore, India to focus on her yoga practice at the KPJAYI for the first time. When she returned to Australia, she continued practicing yoga under Mark Togni at Gold Coast Yoga centre. In 2012, Yumi made another visit to India and met her Guru, Vijaya Manja, who gave the light on her yoga path and opened up the whole new world of yoga and philosophy. Since then, Yumi has been going back to India a number of times and deepening her studies. Her passion is to share the light which her Guru and teachers have shown her and to assist others to get closer to the true self within. Before she is a teacher, she is a student with all the respect to her Guru and teachers.

Om Gurubhyo namah.



Leon first discovered Yoga in 2005 and experienced an immediate transformation after his first yoga class and have continued to livyoga and teach regular classes in Brisbane for the past 8 years. Leon’s passion for Ashtanga Yoga has aided him to transform his life. Initially, the practice was extremely difficult and repetitive, but with the support and guidance from dedicated teachers, Leon continues to follow the 8 limbs of Yoga. He wishes to express his infinite gratitude to all his teachers and students.      

During that time Leon also discovered the wonderful healing benefits of Ayurveda which prompted him to enrol with the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies (AIAS) under the guidance of DR.S Ajit. In 2014 Leon completed his Certificate IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation and travelled to India where he worked as an assistant under the guidance of Dr. Shrikanth at his Panchakama clinic in Kollur, South India.

Through the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda Leon has found his purpose in life and is dedicated to share his knowledge with everyone he meets. Leon travels regularly to India and to deepen his knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage.


Yoga found Julia in 2003, when an Ashtanga yoga teacher came into her office and asked her to write a story about yoga. One news story and one class later, Julia completely fell in love with yoga. For her, it was like finding the missing piece of her life’s jigsaw puzzle. In the early days yoga was a way of letting go of her stressful work day; nowadays yoga is her way of life. I graduated as a certified yoga instructor in 2011, the same year I found her teachers Yumi and Leon, and have been sharing my love of this ancient practice with students ever since.

Julia’s daily yoga includes asana, meditation, mindfulness practices and being mum to her twin toddlers. Her classes are delivered from the heart and offer you an invitation to enquire within. You’ll feel nurtured yet challenged, soothed yet energised, and beautifully calm and clear. We welcome you join Julia on the mat and simply be open to the enlightening process of yoga (the union of mind, body and spirit).


Kimbali began practising yoga in 2008, and was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 2011 by her first teacher, Yumi Kaneko – who continues to guide and inspire her practice and teaching daily. In 2013 Kimbali met my second teacher Mark Togni, who she continues to travel to the Gold Coast to practice with weekly. Travelling to India for the past 2 years to take time to immerse herself in the practice and study of yoga has served to further support both her own practice, and also influence her approach to teaching. Practising under David Garrigues for the first time in 2017 has added another layer of knowledge and experience that she hopes to share with students.
Through teaching Kimbali hopes to share my love for this practice which has changed her life in every way, and which continues to support me daily on so many levels. Employed as a Mental Health Clinician for the past 10 years, her yoga practice has been the most important tool for supporting her capacity to continue to carry out this therapeutic work, assisting her in managing the pressures associated, while also attending to her own psychological needs. Kimbali’s practice and teaching involves a devotional enquiry into self, arrived at through attention to breath and dristhi, as we practice the asana. She teaches the different poses in the Ashtanga series as they have been taught to me, attempting to always return home to the single position of Samasthi, where we can find a greater connection to the self.